Start Growing Lush, Green Grass in Just a Few Weeks

Start Growing Lush, Green Grass in Just a Few Weeks

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Planting grass in very large areas or awkward slopes can be challenging and time-consuming with conventional methods. With hydroseeding services from Gardening By Zac, you could start to see natural growth in as little as 14 days. We offer affordable grass planting solutions for residential and commercial properties.

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How is hydroseeding different from sod?

Hydroseeding uses a slurry mixture of seeds, water, mulch, biostimulants and other materials to speed up growth. While sod has to be physically installed by hand, hydroseeding can be spread quickly from a truck at a distance. This makes it perfect for severe slopes or extremely large plots of land.

Hydroseeding is effortless, cost-effective and efficient. You'll start seeing growth in as little as two weeks and full growth in a matter of months. Your natural turf will also be able to resist erosion and runoff far better than sod.