Create Clean and Clear Garden Edges

Create Clean and Clear Garden Edges

Count on us for decorative edging services

Keeping solid borders between your flower beds and grass can prevent spillover and create a clean, professional look. Does your current property design look like someone couldn't color inside the lines? Gardening By Zac installs quality, decorative edging for homes and businesses throughout the New Iberia area.

Ditch rusty metal edges for gorgeous stone or brick borders. Call today to learn more about our decorative edging services.

What are the benefits of landscape edging?

While edging isn't always required in a landscape, installing a border offers a wide variety of benefits for your property, including:

Space definition-edging helps to create a clear, defined border between your gardens, walkways and turf.
Containment-without borders installed, plant roots and seeds can easily stretch where they're not supposed to.
Simple maintenance-mowing and weeding along borders is simple and easy. Edging also controls irrigation, fertilization and chemical applications.

Tame your wild lawn. Hire us to install decorative edging along your flowerbeds and walkways.